Wednesday, November 14, 2007


over the next few years. these are my short term and long term goals


yarra valley
great ocean road part II (lets go further! get up earlier! stay over night! woo)
visit maria in byron bay!
varies sydney trips (to visit my family, hopefully with friends from melbourne to show around my 'hood)
venture into the unknown, that means perth (i've always wanted to see the indian ocean), adeliade and new zealand
canada (of course!)
europe (mainly ireland to visit a friend, berlin of course, england, france..heck, lets just say all over europe, especially eastern europe)
philippines (i need to meet my family and get to know where i came from!)


courses courses courses (i dont mean food! well, its food related. small business courses, cooking courses, barista courses, langauge courses!)
work my arse off with various barista/serving jobs, hopefully gain managerial experience (did i just make that word up?)
open my own café with julie and hopefully laura in inner city melbourne! (travelling will inspire me too!)

creative side:

take as many polariods as i can, no matter the cost and make a book or a zine
craft craft craft!

home sweet home:

find a 3 or 4 bed house in brunswick/carlton/fitzroy area
move in with jule, fiona and others
1 british blue
1 french bulldog or boston terrier
weekly pancake breakfasts on sundays with the loves of my life (the group i affectionaly call "family")
weekly or bi monthly dinners (potlucks are fun)
steal my brother's PS2 and buy DDR and guitar hero! woo

um...that's about it i think. hopefully ill stay motivated, i always seem to lose motivation but i am hoping this time it will be different. i can't wait to go home and get started on business ideas!!