Thursday, August 30, 2007


i now know how i feel
i now know what to do
stop denying
start moving on

start living.

it took a long time for everything to fall into place, to realise, to admit how i feel.all i do is daydream about days together and sleepless nights in bed debating about nothing. the singing, dancing and stupid ideas just to annoy you because i think you're cute when you're angry. with each passing day my heart dies a little and the smile on my face which was fueled by hope has now disappeared. all i can do now is dream...dream of what could have been..

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

skipping work on sunny days.

when its not raining, snowing or freezing cold in montreal you have to make the most of it because who knows when itll be sunny and warm again. its the last week of summer, my last week of summer in montreal, so please forgive me if i decided to pull two "no shows" at work to take in the summer heat on my bike riding around the plateau, mile end and the old port.
the above photo was take today in a little street on my way home from the mile end. in the background are vines from a tree growing on electrical cords. i thought it was pretty and deserved a photo, my head just happened to be too big.
current biking soundtrack:
- bonde do role- brazillian and friends with CSS. what more could you want? im currently addicted and excited to see them live in NYC with jan!!!!
- puffy ami yumi- japanese pop at its finest.
- bright eyes- his voice stays with me all day.
- electrelane- so good to chill out or dance too.
- rilo kiley- of course. the new album is hard to stop listening too
- interpol- as above. i cant wait to see these two bands live!
- once more with feeling- buffy soundtrack. if you hear me singing or dancing on my bike please dont judge me.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

give me somthing to sing abooout

my housemate sarah and i after pride parade

mikel and i in love

sadie is my baby

colin and mika

Friday, August 17, 2007

montreal food and street art

thats french for "stop"
the top ones are filled with taro!!

asparagus crepe with cheese sauce

ratatuille paini, sarah's lunch

delicious apple crepe with quebec maple syrup.

eggs benedict. sarah's brunch

now thats coffee!


delicious bowl of soy latté

short espresso.

this is cute.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

fantasy romance part 1

..and when you break my heart you'd sing regina spektor's "loveology" to me.

..and when im sick, you'd buy me mandarines and peel them for me, even taking off all the white bits.

..and when im tired you'd rent one of my favourite movies and feed me cheese.

..and when im lonely you'd leave traces of yourself all over my house.

..and when im angry you'd make me forget why by telling me how silly i am.

..and when im sad you'd run me a bath.

..and when im hyper you'd run around the house with me.

...when i break your heart i'll sing you a rilo kiley song.

...when you're sick i'll make you a "nanna" tea and feed you soup

...when you're tired i'll tell you stories and feed you cupcakes

...when you're lonely i'll leave you coloured post-it notes all over your room to remind you how loved you are, because you always forget

...when you're angry i'll let you run riot

...when you're sad i'll make you laugh

...when you're hyper i'll chase you around the house.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

i accept buffy as my lord and personal saviour

names i like:

- drew

- jocelyn
- sadie
- edith
- isabella or isabelle
- charlotte
- audrey

pet names:
- manford
- holly
- beatrice
- violetta

Friday, August 3, 2007


i feel empty...