Wednesday, June 27, 2007

family (not melbourne family, family family)

woah! this time next year there will be 3 new additions to the alzona family (4 if you are including nicole marrying into the family, but i already think of her as part of the family). pam is pregnant with possibily twins (she was pregnant with twins last time but unfortunely one passed away, so she's refusing to believe she's carrying twins until two babies come out) and now i have just learnt that elrica is 8 weeks pregnant and will be returning home in august from london.

about time! joe and elrica's baby will be sooo cute! i hope it's a girl with really cool hair. elrica is chinese you see! CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at family gatherings (whenever that'll happen next! looks like my mother, father and myself will be the only ones from the alzona family that will be present for josh's wedding..this makes me sad) i will be the only one without a partner or a child. yes, i am the loser, the black sheep if you will...if only my life were a movie, because if it were i would end up falling in love with the greatest, most beautiful person! ahh..if only...

i watched a docoumentry tonight about the chinese government it made me depressed. i should never watch things like that it makes me want to change the world and i cannot.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

jonathon cainer

People sometimes travel half way round the world in an attempt to find something special. When they get back, they realise that it has been on their own doorstep all along. Our intuition cannot always address us directly, we have to glimpse it out of the corner of our eye. When it stands in front of us, jumping up and down for our attention, it somehow becomes invisible! You are now making a wonderful discovery. Don't worry about the convoluted route you are taking towards this.

It is time for a very serious conversation. Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that all your conversations are serious. You simply don't do bubbly banter. Even when apparently engaged in trivial chatter, you are forever processing information of great import. Still, though, one topic has not been touched on. A subject has been side-stepped because of the intense reaction that it is likely to provoke. This week, though, it must be dealt with. If not for your sake, then for the sake of someone you care about. Only when facts are faced and truths honestly exchanged, can there be real positive progress towards a better future

If there's one thing worse than being wrong, it's being right about something, only to wish you were wrong! One reason why we do not always listen to our own intuition is that we cannot stand to hear what it is telling us. Self-deception is a more comfortable state of mind to be in. When the truth comes out, we say, 'I KNEW that'. You did. But you couldn't accept it. You've got a feeling about something or someone now. It is easy to argue yourself out of this. There's little that's logical to support your suspicion. But whether most of your hunches in June are positive or negative, you ought to acknowledge them. And respect them.



Comet McNaught may this year, live right up to its name and bring you plenty of nothing. There will, though, be truly plenty... and it will certainly seem like something when it is all happening!
The rare astrological omen is now passing through the sector of your sky that governs intellect and interest, commerce and communication, transport and travel, sibling synergy and peer group pressure. That's a broad field. One phrase, though, sums it all up. Things that you never have to stop thinking about. Topics that require vast amounts of concentration and conversation yet which never really resolve. Hence my suggestion that you'll encounter plenty of nothing!
Much, at the end of the year, may remain as it was at the beginning - in the physical sense. In between the two times, though, you look set to be taken on one heck of a journey during which major attitudes alter for evermore.
Think of 2007 like a lake. Calm and still, the deeper you go. Covered in wild ripples, though, whenever the wind blows. That comet heralds a big breeze for the next few months at least! It will blow away cobwebs of complacency. It will also remove dusty doubts and musty misgivings about what you are supposed to be doing with your life - and where you are supposed to be while you do it - and who with. Here comes certainty after a long phase of restlessness. Here comes a deep sense of belonging. And as for security, both emotional and material... read on!
A mysterious force in distant space makes our entire solar system rotate. Pluto now aligns with that 'Galactic Centre'. Meanwhile, a bright comet has appeared. 2007 will be a stunning year. Here's what it means for your love life.
Pluto's historic alignment with the Galactic Centre takes place in the part of your chart that governs security. The theme of the year is 'finding your rightful place in the world'.
Prepare to move ever further from situations that have been destabilising you. You really won't have to fight to hold crucial relationships and involvements together. You will feel protected and cared for. Of course there will be times of tension too. Love is not all about cosiness and safety. It's about learning to cope with what occurs when the 'sharp edge' of your personality meets the 'cutting edge' of another person's. This is no regrettable side effect of close involvement. It's the area where the real merging magic happens. Or, at least, it is as long as both individuals are willing to learn from life and from each other. When, though, two people let precedent and tradition dominate their coexistence, they can seriously stunt each other's growth.
For example, when you want to change something in your world... but your partner doesn't want you to. Or when your loved one says, 'I've changed my mind', and all you can think of is how insistent they used to be about their previous position. Then a relationship, no matter how warm, becomes a deep freeze for the spirit.
Comet McNaught this year, though, insists that soon you will be able to speak and listen more honestly and lovingly than ever before. So whatever needs to move WILL move. And your love life will benefit enormously at every level.
So many awkward factors have presented themselves in 2006 that you suspect life really can't have many more difficulties left with which to challenge you this year. You are right! You have been through more than enough for a while at least.
You are moving into a phase where life, on the material plane at least, is relatively calm. I'm not suggesting that you're going to end up completely taking it easy. It's not in your nature to lay that far back. But I do predict time to draw breath after some extremely exhausting escapades - and a chance to simplify some of the hopelessly complicated situations that have arisen.
Pluto co-rules your sign, alongside Mars. Pluto moves slowly. It gets 'lapped' by Mars on the zodiac track, once every couple of years. That's what happens at the start of 2007 and it is a strong symbolic suggestion of harmony twixt head and heart and thus, a real chance to strengthen your material position. The year ends with Jupiter, planet of magnificence and munificence forming a conjunction to Pluto in the same sector of the sky. It all happens at a point that aligns with what we call 'The Galactic Centre'. For Scorpios, this heavenly hotspot happens to be in your house of money. Poor, you won't be in 2007. Uninspired you won't be either.
A new comet in your house of intelligence and invention promises a project that both pleases you and proves positively practical.

Friday, June 15, 2007


today is the first day of my new life here in montreal. today is the day i realised how much i adore this city and ive only been here for 3 days. ive been mopy and sulking around canada ever since i arrived and that has affected my stay here, i havent really enjoyed myself and havent given the country a chance all because ive been too busy comparing everything to melbourne. i love melbourne, im in love with melbourne and melbourne will always be home to me! my family lives there, my children, my friends, my partners in crime...i love you so much and not being around is really affecting me. but i must fucking stop this stupid behaviour, yes its completely natural to miss the place you affectionly called home for 8-10months. montreal has a certain flare, an energy that i loved as soon as i hopped off the bus i think this is the place i belong right now. i was exploring the plateau and the mile end, i fell in love instanly, there's just something about it, the houses, the stores, cafes and the lovely gentleman who offered his help when he noticed i was a bit lost (i missed the street i wanted all because i was too busy looking around with a hint of glimmer in my eyes). the people here are beautiful, stunning, sexy, friendly and bilingual! i love hearing the combination of french and english whenever i walk down the street!! i can see myself hanging around the plateau and mile end a lot...i wont be living too far away.

so yes, lesson is fucking amazing...but montreal could be just as fantastic (maybe even more so) if you just let it!!

all i wish is for the process to hurry up, for me to move in my amazing house and get to know my fabulous housemates a bit more. make my room feel "homely", cook tasty things and create a new "family" (dont worry they wont compare to my melbourne family :). oh, and find that "job" i oh so despeartly need!

julie, all i could say is..i wish you were fucking here with me! i had an amazing cupcake from that cupcake bakery on mont was tasty. i missed you a little bit extra today. listening to regina and eating cupcakes always does that too me. you are me and i am you.. :(

emma, i wish i were there to give you a hug and a kiss for your 21st. i hate how i am not there to celebrate with you, it would(will be) an amazing night. i miss seeing you everyday doing absolutely nothing. we've only known each other for 3 months but you're already a part of me.

taylor, i miss your jokes, your laugh and the super intelligent conversations you have. yes i miss not knowing what the heck you're talking about! i also miss "yewww hooo...agrgrgagaga".

jan, michael & mandy, i miss your sweetness, your kisses, hugs, sillyness, warmth and the entertaining movie nights and drinking nights at your house.

chris, you've always amazed me with your intelligence and the way you always seem to amuse me whenever you're drunk! "he's suppose to go to the deb to get the money!". or when you were pretending to be a cat on our living room floor!

claudio, i miss your laugh, smile, kindness, the wrong first aid practises annd of course, EAT FACE!!

fiona, there's so much i miss about you! you're such an intelligent person, i've learnt a lot from you! i miss our jokes, dvd marathons, drinking "hot chocolate" from coffee cups at the front of our house waiting "people watching", i miss cooking brunch, i miss waking you up! i miss our walks and chats.

TBONE, you where there for me...always...even when i didnt ask...even when you were swapped with uni work. you where there. i can never ever thank you enough. i love you a lot and wish all good things for you!

leigh, i know things between us have been rough...please know that i love you a lot. you have been part of my melbourne life even before i moved! the thought of losing your friendship makes me weep. i hope things get better for you, that you find what makes you happy, you deserve more than anyone i know. you've brought a lot of happyness, joy, laughs and funtimes in my life. you're pretty cool and i love you.

harriet, you make me laugh...a lot. i also wish all things great for you! you're an amazing girl with great intelligence and talent with whatever you choose to do!

jess & jazzi, i have never ever met anyone like the two of you before nor have i seen hearts as big as yours. you've added an extra spice in my life that i have loved instanly! you make me smile from ear to ear! not to mention make me laugh until my sides hurt!

sarah k, you're an amazing warm person. dont forget that...i wish i could hug you...itll get better. i promise. i love you!

alexia, i have never met a girl with a heart as big as yours. i know we havent spoken in a while but please know that i think of you always. i love you and hope things get better for you.

sophie, annur & mary, i wish i got to know you girls better. the short time we got to hang out i enjoyed immensly! hopefully we'll meet again. keep in touch and dont forget me!

elise, thank you for listening to all my babbling, all my stupidity and sillyness. i thank you...words cannot express how greatful i am to know you. you're heart is so big. you're an amazing person..don't ever let anyone make you think otherwise.


melbourne i thank you. i thank you for being yourself, for being a city i am comfortable with, comfortable enough to walk the streets at night, to be myself, for making me meet the greatest group of friends anyone could imagine, for making me grow into the person i am, the person i am suppose to be (a vagina loving whore that showers her friends with food), and for making me realise what i want to do for the rest of my life (open up my own cafe).

woah..i did not intend this post to be so, so sappy ! but i guess its a way for me to move onto the next chapter of my life. spending everyday alone tends to make you over analyze everything...i hate being inside my head.

as a side note:
i have an urge to get a new tattoo! hrmm...cupcake on my inner left arm? start my half sleeve of cherry blossoms and koi? or robot on my ribs? meh

"Summer in the city, I'm so lonely lonely lonely
So I went to a protest just to rub up against strangers
And I did feel like coming but I also felt like crying
It doesn't seem so worth it right now "

Thursday, June 14, 2007

san francisco

i only spent 2 full days in san francisco..i wish to go back for ever and open up my own café!
i had to walk up that stupid hill!

deep fried tofu with fresh vegies & steamed rice. tasty!

miso & salad from a cheap japanese resturant located in japantown.

found illy coffee in the castro, thought it would make my homesickness go away for 5minutes. i was wrong 1.5/5

did i mention, i love nature?
i love nature.

thousand year old redwood tree!

a dear..a mule dear.

that's a beach?

alcatraz from afar.

me & the golden gate! woop woop

golden gate bridge

worst coffee found at the muesum of modern art 0/5
hot girl working at the muesum 3.5/5


a bear chilling out in whistler
chilling in stanely park

coffee through a straw??? 1/5

pretty mountains & a pretty golf course


katie & i posing infront of a river

sceneary in whistler

eggs florentine from a cafe in whistler village...the hollandiase was lacking taste.

my tasty eggs benedict with faux ham from cafe soilel(sp?)

sorry about the lack of photos in vancouver. but the food looks nice yeh?!

no longer homeless from the 1st of july :)

yesterday just reminded me how awkward and socially retarded i can be! 3 house interviews within 3 hours all in different suburbs and guess what?! they all feel in love with me (who wouldnt?) and last night after meeting with the last group of potential housemates i had the extremely hard task of deciding where and who i would like to live with.

today i have made that decision...yes, i now have an address where you are able to send packages and letters filled with love. i will be living with colin and sarah both from halifax NS in canada and my room is going to be cool. this house is going to be cool..i hope. the house is located right in the heart of the gay village of montreal. its a bit full on but you have everything you could ever want, its no brunswick but maybe i could fall in love with it..if not the mile end isnt too far away.

ill email everyone the address once i conlin and sarah confirm my decision. sad today.

but i have a house and now must get a job so i am able to afford a bed!

the best coffee ive had since arriving in north america! not too hot, the soy milk tasted like soy milk, and the cup was massive! located on commerical drive in vancouver, a vegetarian cafe named cafe soilel(sp?)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i am now a resident!

yup...i woke up early (10am is early for the unemployed) opened but a bank account and bought a pre paid cell.
my number for you melbourne hotties is as follows:

(country code + area code + number)
+1 514 232 6499

but chances are you have my australian mobile number which is the same :)
this post has no point apart from helping me kill time before i head off for 3 painful housemate interviews. yes im going to die.

ps i hate coins. canada does not believe in 20 cent coins, so i have to carry around a billion ten cent pieces with a few billion one cent pieces. also, i would like to ask, why are the five cent coins larger than the ten cents? it confuses me.
i have a headache and the stupid vending machine gave me pepsi instead of water...ew.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

all hyper and no one is here to amuse me

greetings from montreal!! excuse me while i freak out for a wee second...ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHAKFHLFLSDNFLSD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you and sorry about my "spazz attack", now as the title suggests i am all high on caffine at 1130pm! why did i choose to drink a tall coffee frappe? well, i have been without caffine for..hrmm..3days now and i needed my fix! poor choice?? not bloody likely! i have been a night owl for quite sometime..that's right going to bed at fucking 3am and then waking up at 12pm..ahh the life of the unemployed traveller. now its time to get some serious work done! and by work i mean the unpaid kind :(

i feel strange in montreal, probably because everything has finally hit me..the language barrier (truth be told i have no yet had any difficulties, everyone speaks anglais), the sight of a yellow fire truck, and the sight of the hottest reception girl here at the hostel. seriously, shes breathtaking! oh the french canadians ive already fallen inlove with you! i cannot wait to explore! i have my first out of hopefully many house interviews tomorrow. colin and sarah, they are both queer and colin found me on myspace, he's quite attractive and sounded very cool and down to earth over the phone. they live in the village which is the gay village of montreal. woot. he was the only one that answered their phone so hopefully tomorrow when i try the others they will answer if not. poo to them!

yes..i am bored currently pretending i have facial hair with the computer headphones. oh if only you could see me now! its possible i have webcam..your loss. now get online pooheads! or answer your phone emma and taylor! i tried calling :(
roommates are asleep, breeders have hijacked the television and its such a pretty night. im so awake.

i had a "near kidnapping" tonight. oh it begins, those of you that do not know i had two "near kidnappings" in "near" i mean stalking in cars or asking me if i would like a lift. freaky. this dude let me walk across the drive way, i waved thank you as a kind hearted person does. he drives slowly honks his horn, waves, drives around the corner and parks his car and continues to wait for me. after realising he doesnt have a chance in hell he drives off. ohh north american boys! get the fuck away from me!! ive been harrassed way too many times since my arrival! yes..on the bus the other day some dude kept asked me to "kick it" with him. he wouldnt leave me alone. it took ten minutes of me being rude for him to go away. fucker. stupid boy...stupid boy.

i wish my laptop would pick up the wireless...invalid IP address and the gateway is offline. if anyone knows what im talking about please HELP!

sigh. so bored and so hypo. love you all.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Taken from wikipedia regarding the absence of flat whites in north america

A Flat White is a coffee beverage served in Australia and New Zealand, prepared with espresso and milk.
The drink is generally made with 1/3
espresso and 2/3 steamed milk, very similar to the ingredients in a latte. The milk is prepared differently, with the volumised milk at the top folded into the lower layers [1]. The resulting drink has only a very thin layer of froth at the top.
Australian lattes and flat whites are usually served in 215-240ml cups, making them stronger than some lattes served in some other countries.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

M.I.A. (no not the musical artist)

hello.. alot of you (two) have begged me to update this blog, so here i am updating. sorry no photos as i am on brothers desktop computer and he only has hi speed and no wireless..i know and he calls himself a canadian! seessh.

currently visiting my brother in toronto after visiting my brother in vancouver (make sense? i didnt want it too). i'll be leaving here for montreal on the 12th of june hopefully with a few house interviews to attend too...any tips? i havent had to do these stupid things before and im shitting myself. i have one on wednesday (maybe), we might go for a few shandies and what happens after ive had too much and lean in for some a pash?? it might help my case! haha.

ive been very up and down with my emotions mainly missing everyone and melbourne the food the coffee and the laneways. heck even the stupid weather! but i know once i settle down ill start enjoying myself. so many great things are happening in montreal during the summer. just for laughs comedy festival and pride just to give you an example!

my brother in vancouver's wife is pregnant and she's due to have twins! (sorry fiona) last time she was pregnant she was also carrying twins but unfortunately one died :( i hope this doesnt happen again.

my nephew in toronto is so fucking cute! but he's got the stomach flu and is cranky and smelly.

i love urban outfitters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont care if i look like a poser because its such a disgusting store..but i love it! haha

its currently 1249am and i wont be going to bed fgor another 2 hours...go me.
i plan to visit niagra falls this weekend..the weather will not be 10 degrees like yesterday! woo..okay im babbling better go
i love you all..i miss you.


Monday, June 4, 2007

missing melbourne

last night as i layed in bed waiting to fall asleep, i started listening to my ipod thinking it may help me rest my eyes and my brain. instead it made me miss melbourne...a lot! listening to frou frou flooded back memories from way back when.... finally the image of me, laying on my bed, alone typing on my laptop everyday after work right before i napped.frou frou is a part of my melbourne life...part of who i am. never in my life have i missed a city, a lifestyle, a group of people i hold so close to my heart the thought of walking through life not having any contact with the people i fondly call "family" brings tears to my eyes. life without "the family" is not a life i wish to may be mocking me right now but that's because you are not one of "us" (haha). we have only been hanging out with each other for 2 and a half months and for some a few weeks but i feel like i can do anything and not feel judged or frowned apon. we all have our strengths and weaknesses.."the family" embrace all..even the weaknesses, we may make fun..but that's us caring! we can laugh and cry at ourselves! words cannot describe how comfortable i feel with everyone..even the people we've just started hanging out with. i feel robbed that i am unable to get to know sophie, anurr, mary, "boy" leigh, olgie, eliza, danae and even the "family" members. i want to know the "ins" and the "outs" of everyone. am i making sense? i miss home so much right now...the laughs, the pashing, the private jokes that we seem to create everyday! when we all meet again, i would have missed out a year's worth.i am currently listening to regina spektor...remember how we used to sing as loud as we could in the car julie? on the way back from prahan market in search of cupcakes only to realise the markets were closed on wednesday's but that didn't matter because we ended up spending big in the japanese supermarket. we cooked dumplings that was nice...i miss moments like that.....if i could have one wish..the wish would be to create one more moment like that so we could treasure it forever...i'm crying now and guess which song is playing...samson by regina spektor..damn you...xxox

american's do not know how to make coffee

have a three goals that i must reach before i return home to melbourne or berlin. the three goals are (in order):
1. find a GOOD soy cafe latte. american's (and i am assuming canada) have no idea how to make a coffee. they steam the milk way too hot and it burns your entire mouth, soy milk is not suppose to be hot! the beans they use are shit and not strong enough and i assume the extraction is shit thus not having enough crema. they do not sell flat whites (wft?) annd the milk is too frothy with loads of bubbles, not the smooth, velvet texture it is suppose to have! grr..this makes me angry and grumpy (not to mention tired) for the entire day!
2. good vegetarian food! (i did just have an amazing tofu basil stir fry..mmm)
3. have sex countless times!oh and possibily fall in love.

okay, four goals.i have a i felt very attracted to my tour was a MAN!! mm...penis?! let me think about that one...

greetings from san francisco

harro everyone! thank you all that attended the delightful picnic on sunday!the past couple of days have been a rollarcoaster! i am so hungry. saying good bye to everyone was the worst...the worst!(as chris would say) i am missing everyone so fucking much. my heart hurts. i have placed one polaroid photo above my hostel bed so i can look at everyone just before i sleep (so so creepy).i haven't left the hostel since i arrived..i am currently alone in my dorm room and i kind of like it like that. i hope it doesn't change, as you know i am pretty private and very quiet(shut up! i am..when i am not talking about vagina).um..tomorrow i plan to join a tour group yay for tour groups! 3 1/2hours of photo taking! woo woo..then perhaps the day after i will venture down homosexual lane and get molested by lipstick lesbians...ohhh yeaahhhhh...god i am hungry!i don't think i am jetlagged but my phone doesn't work and that is the only thing that keeps me informed on what the fucking time is. being a control freak with minor OCD..IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!on the plane i had four seats! how cool am i? so i layed down and not really but i wanted too..stupid period oh and the fact that i was on the plane(like that would stop me) do you miss my dirty talk? i miss talking to you guys. wah.i watched stranger than fiction with maggie gynhall looking the hottest she ever has with a half sleeve tattoo..mmm.....i better go and book this tour and have a look around this hilly city full of homeless people.stay in touch! i love you here's my emailhipchick_007@hotmail.comsend me your postal addresses.and your photos!lufffffxxox


Harro everyone. I leave in five weeks and it's fucking scary. Parts of me want to stay and spend every waking moment with our family and the other part is yearning to leave. Truth be told, i can no longer stay in melbourne , not now, not when there are so many things to experience (sex) and explore (places to have sex). I'm not doing anything here (apart from sex) hence nothing is keeping me here (no sex). Do not worry i shall return one day after my travels and those of you that have chosen to stay in melbourne will hear my tales of woe (no sex). With that, i would like to introduce to you my "travel blog" titled "where on earth is arlene sandiego?" Geddit? it's a game i onced played when i was in primary school ( and i kicked ass thank you!) i just replaced "carmen" with my name. ha. On here you will be able to read what i have been up too and photos to see who i have been sexing, with captions 'cause those are fun.For those of you that are not informed or are currently living overseas i leave on the 21st of May which is a Monday. Going away party on the 12th of May which is a Saturday..theme will be Degrassi Junior High but if Lucille is still willing to have a combined then it will be a Korean Degrassi, chum churum will be present (just for you chris :) More important dates:28th of April--PARTY located at jazzmine's.Dates of dinner party, bbq/picnic, last drinks, high tea at the winsdor hotel are still pending. Reminder: EVERY SUNDAY GREY'S ANATOMY SCREENINGS AT MY HOUSE.Reminder: AQUARIUM THIS SUNDAY 1pm. Reminder:ARLENE IS SEXY.