Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One more thing before i go...

We all like making lists, so here is a list. Hazaa for lists!


- Move to Vancouver

- Volunteer at the SPCA

- Become active in the Queer Community

- Learn how to fix/repair/maintain bikes

- Join a gym or buy running shoes and well, RUN!

- Lose 10 kilos

- Apply for Canadian Visa

- Try to work 2 jobs (if possible)

- SAVE SAVE SAVE! I wouldn't mind a trip to Berlin

- A polaroid a day will keep the demons away.

- Diana+ anyone?!

- Learn how to create and maintain my own compost

- Try to busy myself by volunteering or joining environmental groups

- Read more

- Become more political. It's cool to know what's going on in the world.

- Take more photos.

- Be a better friend

- Be a better daughter

- Be a better aunty

- Improve my grammar and spelling

- It's a long shot, but how about my own radio show?

- Make and distribute my own 'zine

- Street art

- Call my parents at least once a month.

- Go back to San Fransisco and this time stay for at least a week!

- Craft more and possibly sell?

.........Lets see how i go.

(edited 08/04/09)